Concept development
Event plan, design and document
Venue selection & reservation
Venue arrangement
Audio Vision equipment provision and set-up: LCD projectors/screen and sound system
Provide stationary and office equipment: flip chart rolls/stands, markers, notebooks, pens and other relevant stationary materials.
Invitation dissemination and follow up
Organize accommodation
Organize local and international transport: ticket booking, on arrival visa processing and airport pickup
Compile and document meeting minutes and proceedings
Translation services
On-site guest registration and facilitation


Quality Assurance System

ZMENSOL Events & Communications applies appropriate mechanisms for specific events implemented. Each activity will be allocated with a quality assurance system that will be used to ensure standard provision of service. There by creating a working environment that enables timely corrections, adjustments and recording of lesson learned. Some of the quality assurance mechanism that will be applied by ZMENSOL Events & Communications will include: on-site observation, daily recap, self-administered questionnaires and client follow-up meetings.

On-site Observation-ZMENSOL Events & Communications Plc will be available during the implementation of activities and will take notes and be actively observing the conduct of the events and take notes on the performance, coordination and the general service provided.

Daily Recap- ZMENSOL Events & Communications will organize a daily briefing meeting with staff and management of ZMENSOL Events & Communications Plc together with the client’s focal persons. During this meeting; concerns, issues, challenges and best practices by all involved parties will be discussed.
Self-Administered Questionnaires-ZMENSOL Events & Communications Plc will develop, disseminate, collect and analyze specific self-administered questionnaires to client’s and event participants. The feedback from the questionnaire will be used in making decisions and further adjustments to improve the service provision.

Client Follow-Up Meetings-ZMENSOL Events & Communications Plc will organize a final meeting with client immediately after completion of services rendered. During these meetings, ZMENSOL Events & Communications Plc and the client will run through the overall service provided to assess the degree of result attainment.


Financial Quality Assurance

ZMENSOL Events & Communications Events receives funds and makes all payments by check through a designated bank. The Finance and Administration Officer will verify all transactions of specific events with its corresponding agreed price matrix before approving payments or issuing a check. It is also expected from the Finance & Administration Officer to prepare pre-numbered payment voucher containing the amount, purpose and expense code that should be approved by the management of ZMENSOL Events & Communications Plc before effectuating the transaction. ZMENSOL Events & Communications Plc will provide timely and standardized financial reporting to the client as the need may arise.

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