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ZMENSOL Events & Communications Plc is a private limited company registered by the Ethiopian Trade and Industry Ministry to provide event management services. ZMENSOL Events & Communications Plc was born out of the flaring passion and utter dedication of business partners who bring their combined international experience to the company. Ethiopia being as one of the busiest destinations for African and International meetings, the need for a trustworthy and dependable event management company such as  ZMENSOL Events is needed to contribute for the provision of standardized event management services. The management and founding members of the company have a wide range of training and rich experience in planning, organizing and executing events for local and international organizations.




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Bobby Seyoum  | Managing Director
Mobile: +251944117515
Email: Bobby@zmensolevents.com

Inge Heuvelmans  | Event Specialist
Mobile: +251984746325
Email: Inge@zmensolevents.com


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